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Control Free


Ready to deploy Cloud-based Eco-system for your control & automation project

Control Free is a cloud-based solution that helps you build your control and automation eco-system in no time. The highly-accommodating platform allows users to create control programs that can integrate devices of any brand and of any protocol. With Control Free’s intuitive design environment and user-friendly drag-drop interface, you will be able to configure your ideal smart home without having to write a single line of code.



  • Ready to deploy (Private) Cloud Eco-system for your control & automation project
  • Easy to setup, simple to deploy, saving time and cost
  • Connects thousands of devices with controlling and monitoring capability
  • Open architecture integrates virtually any devices onto the system
  • Software-based Virtual Server (VS) makes maintenance of system more flexible
  • Large scale system can be easily implemented
  • Centralized device management tools for asset management
  • Real-time device status feedback and online status check
  • Remote troubleshooting tools for quick fix
  • System log for device, server and user activities
  • User account management tools for efficient management of system users
  • Intuitive GUI on mobile ready app
  • Create custom User Interfaces, scene presets, schedules and logics
  • Drag products from a library of thousands or customized drivers
  • Employ off-the-shelf 3rd party hardware easily
  • Communicate with devices over IR, RS232, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more
  • Voice Control Smart Home, support Cantonese and English