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Smart Workplace Solutions

Let us help you simplify your office digital transformation with our user-centric solution and platform!


We at Control Free support hybrid work with our affordable and flexible IoT and cloud-based solutions, by empowering a wide-range of IoT / API integrations, real-time monitoring, intelligent data analytics and an insightful dashboard.





Who can we help?

Office Operations Managers /
HR and Administration Managers 
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Enhance employee experience in Post-Covid environment
  • Make housekeeping easier and more efficient
IT Manager
  • Complex system integration, streamlining workflows across systems
  • Online monitoring of equipment status
  • Speed up and simplify digital transformation
Facilities Manager /
Property Management
  • Save labour $$
  • Save energy $$
  • Easy monitoring of space use across multi-branch workplaces
  • Easy monitoring of multiple building systems