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By knowing exactly what's in your air, you can create the perfect environment for a healthier way of life.

Work in peace and breathe with ease knowing the air around you is safe and healthy with uHoo – the world’s most advanced indoor air quality sensor. uHoo IAQ sensor monitors nine different indoor air parameters and provides real-time data, alerts, insights, and recommendations.

uHoo IAQ sensor/uHoo


  • 9 built-in sensors that detect the following: Temperature, VOC, Carbon Monoxide, Humidity, Particulate Matter, Ozone, Carbon Dioxide, Air Pressure and Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Designed for any space
  • Connected with Wi-Fi
  • Powered by USB
  • Create schedules for any designated (periods of) time and date
  • Actions can be triggered by built-in sensors, e.g. turn on the air-conditioner when the temperature goes above 25°C
  • Access to the uHoo Virus Index, which uses air quality data to provide actionable insights and tips to reduce virus risk including COVID-19, presented in an easy to understand score from 1 to 10


uHoo IAQ sensor is available in our store. Contact us for more information.