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Diocesan Girls' School Pivots To Wireless Quality Air and A/C Control Smoothly and Efficiently

Smart Building Tech | i-BMS, AC control, Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management System


Diocesan Girls' School (DGS) campus covers an area of 28,336m2. With over 90 classrooms, a 1,400-seat Auditorium, 300-seat Recital Hall, an all-weather 25m swimming pool, a modern library, chapel, science laboratories and gymnasium, managing 400 VRV indoor and outdoor AC units, as well as 90 Fresh Air Units across five school blocks requires extensive manual labour. With the COVID-19 pandemic, DGS’s facility management team needed to adapt school operations quickly, and indoor air control is critical for students to return to the campus.


We introduced an i-BMS app and online platform in early 2021 that centralized control and monitoring of all 400+ ACs, 90+ FAUs and IAQ of 90+ classrooms.

The i-BMS can be expanded anytime in the future to any scale by adding appropriate controllers. This future-proofs the school and gives them more flexibility to scale up or scale down the AC control system with their changing needs, without the need to replace the entire system. No complex construction and cabling was needed, as most of the equipment is connected wirelessly, or via the existing network on campus.


- Over 90% of ACs operate within pre-set hours

- Maintained CO2 level within healthy levels for over 90% of running time

- Saved 50% of Facilities Management human resources

- Saved more than 10% of energy usage

- School staff can automate all or each AC according to school calendar and school hours

- Cross-brands and systems integration via our unified Control Free platform

- The i-BMS app shows real-time status and data of all ACs, FAUs and IAQ sensors

- User-friendly i-BMS App with floor plans and device icons provides intuitive operation experience to facility managers

- Manual wall panel control of ACs and FAUs at the same time

- Facility manager can remote-control equipment throughout the campus with the i-BMS App without physical presence


Quick Facts

   Location Jordan, Hong Kong
   Client Diocesan Girls' School
   Our Services
  • i-BMS Building Connect
  • AC control
  • Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management System
   Product Used
  • Control Free Cloud–based Control System
  • Coolmaster Net VRV AC controller
  • 90+ Wireless Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors
  • 90+ Wireless Fresh Air Unit (FAU) switches