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Hong Kong Metropolitan University Smart Hotel Room - Preparing the Next Generation of Hoteliers

Smart Home Tech | Intelligent Lighting System, Smart AC Control System, Smart Curtain Control System, Voice Control System


The Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly the Open University of Hong Kong) is one of several vocational institutions fostering the next generation of talent in hospitality management for the city. Course instructors need to convert a traditional hotel mock-up room into a smart one with comprehensive automation for students to learn about operating and managing smart hotel rooms.


We transformed the faculty’s existing mock-up hotel room into a smart, automated one by introducing various smart solutions. The existing room was retrofitted without making any changes to the original fit-out, and without altering any light fixtures, A/C, TV, smart glass wall and windows.

All devices and systems can be centrally controlled via our Control Free platform, either individually or combined for different scene settings. An iPad app integrated with Google Home enables guests to control all connected devices inside the room. Guests may also chose to use voice control, or activate different scenes with a wireless switch.

The system can be easily scaled up with the integration of new devices and controllers. Based on evolving user preferences, more types of sensors can also be added to further customize automation modes and scene settings.


Quick Facts

   Location KCC, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
   Client Hospitality Management Unit, Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly Hong Kong Open University)
   Our Services
  • Intelligent Lighting System
  • Smart AC Control System
  • Curtain Control System
  • Voice Control System
   Product Used
  • Control Free Cloud–based Control System
  • Control Free Smart Home System
  • WiFi thermostat for AC control
  • Philips Hue Smart Light bulbs
  • Aeotec Dual Nano Switch lighting control modules
  • Aeotec Nano Shutter for curtain control
  • Aeotec Wallmote Scene switch
  • Google Home Max voice control speaker
  • Filmplayers switchable glass
  • Sony Android TV
  • Global Cache WiFi Infrared controller