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Intelligent Lighting in Suntime Office

Smart Building Tech | Intelligent Lighting System


Suntime’s Hong Kong office in the Yuen Long Industrial Estate covers an area of over 10,000 square feet with 10+ rooms. In this large office in a remote location, it takes considerable manpower and time to manually turn all lights on and off at the start and end of each work day.


We added a zoned smart lighting system to minimize unnecessary lighting usage. The system can be manually-controlled, or easily automated based on the users’ preferences through Control Free’s i-Pad interface with the office floor plan. The system is highly scalable and was designed to accommodate the client’s future needs in lighting and other building systems with ease.



Quick Facts

   Location Yuen Long, Hong Kong
   Client China Suntime Investments Company Limited
   Our Services
  • Intelligent Lighting System
   Product Used
  • Control Free Cloud–based Control System
  • Aeotec switch, multisensor, dimmer