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Nathan Hotel - welcoming guests with quality fresh indoor air

Smart Building Tech | i-BMS, Smart AC Control and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management System


Conveniently situated at a prime location on Nathan Road, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Kowloon, Nathan Hotel opened in 1968 and underwent several rounds of renovations. The hotel wishes to provide guests with a comfortable environment with better air quality in spite of their downtown location, while achieving green and energy-efficiency targets.


We installed i-BMS and various indoor air quality solutions to achieve these goals.

By utilizing the hotel's existing WiFi to integrate CO2 sensors and controllers, we eliminated the need to lay additional cables. The i-BMS requires no physical server – only a compact smart hub, compatible with different wireless signal types, is used to connect the sensors and controllers. The control logic can be modified anytime and anywhere via Control Free – a mobile-friendly dashboard that illustrates current and historic CO2 readings, as well as the operating status of relevant equipment, in user-friendly charts and graphs. The system can be scaled up anytime by adding new sensors and controllers. Since its installation, the upgraded system has helped maintain optimal temperature and humidity in the public areas of the hotel, while keeping its indoor CO2 levels below 1000ppm over 90% of the time. The i-BMS also helped to save more than 10% of the energy from air vent operation, and reduced the A/C system’s total energy consumption by 5 to 10%.


Quick Facts

   Location Jordan, Hong Kong
   Client Nathan Hotel
   Our Services
  • Smart AV Control System
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management System
   Product Used
  • Control Free Cloud–based Control System
  • WiFi temperature and humidity sensor
  • WiFi relay controller
  • WiFi 0-10V output controller