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Smartening up a 1980s Office Building with i-BMS and Smart AC Control

Smart Building Tech |  i-BMS, AC control, Smart Sensor System, Remote Notification System


Beverly House is a Grade B office building constructed in the 1980s, before the age of Building Information Modelling (BIM). After decades of repairs and modifications, it became challenging for the property management team to keep track of where faults are occurring in various building systems, and many hours was spent on routine inspection and maintenance.


The i-BMS implementation was carried out in different phases. The lobby was first fitted with lighting and background music controls, with pre-set schedules.
Then for the building’s HVAC system, the fan coil units (FCU) were upgraded from traditional mechanical timers to smart switches that can be controlled remotely via the i-BMS app / online platform, making it easier for the property management team to turn the system on and off for public holidays and to extend AC use outside of office hours with scheduling.

The chillers on the rooftop were also connected to the i-BMS, which allows for remote adjustment of temperature settings. The i-BMS collects the chillers’ energy usage data over time, which can then be viewed on a dashboard on the i-BMS online portal. The building management team can compare data over various time periods, and generate monthly reports with ease.
The water pump in the building plant room is also connected to the i-BMS for real-time monitoring of the pump signals and system status. When system faults appear, the property management team receives remote notifications via SMS alerts.


Quick Facts

   Location Wanchai, Hong Kong
   Client Pokfulam Development Company Limited
   Our Services
  • i-BMS
  • BACnet/IP integration with Johnson Control BMS system
  • AC control
  • Smart Water Pump Management System
   Product Used
  • Control Free Cloud–based control system 
  • Control Free BACnet/IP gateway
  • Vitrea control system
  • Aeotec wireless lighting control system
  • Modbus/IP IO converter